Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus Spring 2019

Wendelin Werner
Zhouyi Tan
Wed. 08-10 @ HG G 3
Thu. 10-12 @ HG D 7.2
First lecture
Wed. 20.02.2019
First exercise class
Fri. 22.02.2019
Course Catalogue
401-3642-00L Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus

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Course abstract

This course covers some basic objects of stochastic analysis. In particular, the following topics are discussed: construction and properties of Brownian motion, stochastic integration, Itô's formula and applications, stochastic differential equations and connection with partial differential equations.


Familiarity with measure-theoretic probability as in the standard D-MATH course "Probability Theory" will be assumed. Textbook accounts can be found for example in

Lecture notes

Lecture notes are available here .

Each week a new exercise sheet will be posted here before Thursday. The exercises will then be discussed during the exercise class. If you want your exercises to be corrected, please hand in your solutions the week after either during the exercise class or in your assistant's tray located in the hallway in front of HG E 65 by Thursday evening.

Exercise sheet Due by Solutions
TimeRoomAssistantStudents (last name)
Fri. 08-09HG G 26.5Zhouyi Tan Ahm -- Hou
Fri. 09-10HG G 26.5Matti Kiiski Hub -- Pro
Fri. 12-13HG G 26.5Yilin Wang Rod -- Zub
These books are also available in the mathematics library.