Numerical Analysis Seminar: Model Order Reduction and Reduced Bases for PDEs Autumn 2019



\( \KaTeX \)

You can use \( \KaTeX \) to typeset formulas inline \( e^{2\pi\cdot\sqrt{-1}} \) by typing \( e^{2\pi\cdot\sqrt{-1}} \) or as a displayed equation $$\int_{\mathbb R} e^{-x^2}$$ by typing $$\int_{\mathbb R} e^{-x^2}$$ in the HTML.

The amount of \( \LaTeX \) implemented by \( \KaTeX \) is documented here.


We use Bootstrap to help in the typesetting, especially the device independent (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile) typesetting, of HTML. Have a look at the documentation.


Algebra I: the first two chapters of this lecture summary (in German) or a similar introduction to the basic concepts of ring theory.

Lecture Summaries


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