Topics in Partial Differential Equations Spring 2020

Prof. Dr. Mikaela Iacobelli
Dr. Ludovic Cesbron
Mon 13-15 / HG G 26.3
First Lecture
Office hours
Tue 09-11 / HG F 27.2
Thu 15-17 / HG F 27.2
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401-3350-20L Topics in Partial Differential Equations


This class is an introduction to the mathematical study of models from the Kinetic Theory of Plasmas. The intent is to learn essential tools and techniques for the study of Partial Differential Equations while applying them to some of the most important equations of Kinetic Theory: Vlasov equations.

Content of the course:


Rules of the Seminar Class

To obtain the credits for the seminar each student must:

Students are encouraged to work in pairs in order for the two presentations given during a Lecture to be coordinated and complementary. We strongly advise the students to do a mock presentation with their partner to ensure that the time limit of 40 minutes is respected and that the two presentations are clear and well-structured.

The topics and associated parts of the Lecture notes will be assigned to pairs of students two weeks before the presentation is due.


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