Working group on the Quantum Zipper --- Autumn 2020, ETH-UZH

[all files are password protected]

Links to the sessions:

The pre-lockdown live sessions in the Hermann Weyl Zimmer on the ETH video archive

(Sept. 16 WW, 23 WW, 30 Daniel – Oct. 7 Laurin, 14 Alejandro, 21 Barbara)

Zoom sessions:

Recording of October 28th (Thomas) Thomas' slides

Partial recording of November 4th (Nina, Alejandro) [Begining of Nina’s review is missing, and 2’ around 10’ before the end are missing too] slides of Nina’s pre-talk summary

Recording of November 11th (Linxiao) Linxiao’s slides

Recording of November 18th (Hugo, Dominik)

Recording of November 25th (Jacopo) Jacopo’s notes 1, Jacopo’s notes 2

Recording of December 2nd (Matthis)

Recording of December 9th (Nina) Nina’s slides


Ellen and Nathanael’s lecture notes.

Survey paper by Ewain, Nina and Xin.

Scott’s original quantum zipper paper.