Topology and Combinatorics of Zero Sets of Polynomials in the Plane Autumn 2022

Peter Feller
Victor Jaeck


The seminar consists of student presentations on topics presented in the book A Singular Mathematical Promenade written by Etienne Ghys.

Topics and speakers

The seminar takes place on Mondays from 14:15 to 16:00 in HG G 19.2.

Date Topic Assigned student Remark
26.09.22 Introduction Peter Feller
03.10.22 Intersecting polynomials (1)
Separable permutations (3)
Huber Julian
Xie Xiaowen
10.10.22 Hipparchus and Schroeder (4)
Newton's Method & series (5)
Tschopp Chiara
Unger Benjamin
17.10.22 Newton's method & series and Some formal algebra (5) Smela Maciej & Ni Yilin
24.10.22 Gauss on algebraic curves (6)
Torus knots (12)
Wood Sofia
Kunz Nick
Lecture in HG G 19.1
31.10.22 Proof of Gauss's claim on singularities (7) Mazzoni Edoardo & Heinz Thomas
07.11.22 Convergence: Cauchy (8) Jost Luana & Grunder Nicolas
14.11.22 Moebius and his band & Moebius necklaces & Resolution of singularities (9) Danninger Florian & Marconi Luciana
21.11.22 Moebius and his band & Moebius necklaces & Resolution of singularities (9) Mittelholzer Mara & Nussli Valentin
28.11.22 The 3-sphere and the Hopf fibration (10)
The cusp and the trefoil (11)
Dürr Julia
Lambert Lorraine
05.12.22 Analytic chord diagras: an algorithm (15) Oestmann Lukas & Schilling Justus
12.12.22 Victor Puiseux, at last (14)
Analytic chord diagrams: interlace graphs (16)
Simunovic Ivan
Rohrer Josiah
19.12.22 Sum up Peter Feller