Advanced Numerical Methods for CSE Autumn 2023

Ralf Hiptmair
Ping Liu, Jörg Nick

General Information

Lecture Course:
Mon 10:15-12:00 HG G 19.1
Wed 08:15-10:00 HG G 19.1
On 15 November and 6 December 2023 in HG G 5
Tutorial Course:
Thu 08:15-10:00 HG G 26.1


Oct 19: Tutorial class on each Fridy cancelled
Oct 12: The plan for the code review exam; see the information below
Oct 9: Extra Classes Offered: Oct 10, 6-8 pm; Nov 14, 6-8 pm
Oct 9: Extra Classes Canceled: Oct 25, 8-10 am; Nov 20, 10-12 am


Code Review:
Code review for each student takes 20 minutes. The lecturer will show the code of students and ask them some questions. Students should upload the code to their branch before Nov 20.
The date and time for the code review is:
Nov 27, Mon 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm;
Nov 28, Tue 08:00 am - 12:00 pm;
Nov 30, Thu 10:00 am - 02:00 pm.
The place is HG E 61.1 (inside the office room E 61.2 - 62.2)
The following 5 coding projects in the homework will be included in the code review:
Problem 2-1;
Problem 2-3;
Problem 2-4;
Problem 3-2;
Problem 3-4.
Main Exam

The main exam for the course "Advanced numerical methods for CSE" is held as a 30-minute oral exam given by Prof. Ralf Hiptmair in his office HG G 58.2. The exams will take place on Feb 13, 2024 and on Feb 16, 2024. Each candidate will be assigned a date and time by the ETH examination office. The oral exam is closed-book and will emphasize the basic principles, main ideas, and fundamental considerations underlying the methods and algorithms discussed in class. Before the exam you are invited to ask questions through the "AdvNumCSE Q&A" discuna channel. These questions will be answered in the chat.

Important Links

Lecture Documents

Homework Collections


Link to lecture recordings on polybox. PW: Capitalized acronym for the course.


The new exercises will be posted here. We expect you to look at the problems to prepare questions for the tutorial class. Before the tutorial classes, please pose your questions in the Discuna "AdvNumCSE Q&A (tutor)" channel.

Released Day Exercises
September 20th Problem 2-1
September 27th Problem 2-2, Problem 2-3
October 4th Problem 2-4
October 11th Problem 2-5
October 18th Problem 2-6, Problem 2-7
October 25th Problem 3-1
November 1th Problem 3-2
November 8th Problem 3-3
November 15th Problem 3-4
November 22th Problem 4-1