Curves, Jacobians, and Modern Abel-Jacobi Theory Autumn 2020

Prof. Dr. Rahul Pandharipande
Younghan Bae


Lecture schedule

Due to the current situation, the lectures will be delivered entirely online via live Zoom sessions. Lectures will take place on

Video recordings of the sessions will be provided.


In this course we will study modern aspect of Abel-Jacobi theory.
Possible topics include:

Here is the link to the webpage in Prof. Pandharipande's website.


It is useful to have a basic knowledge of algebraic geometry.

Lecture Notes

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Some books on basic theory of algebraic curves and Jacobians

Some articles on the moduli space of stable curves, tautological classes

Some articles on the moduli space of stable maps

Some articles on the double ramification cycles and Pixton's formula

Some articles/notes on universal double ramification cycles