Complex Algebraic Surfaces Fall 2021

Prof. Rahul Pandharipande
Tim-Henrik Buelles


The aim of the seminar is to understand the Enriques classification of complex algebraic surfaces. We will see how techniques of algebraic geometry are applied to classify complex algebraic surfaces. Along the way we discuss invariants from cohomology and intersection theory and encounter important examples of varieties, such as ruled, abelian and K3 surfaces.

All necessary information can be found here.



Talks will take place Friday 12:00 - 14:00 (CET) in HG F 26.5 (exception: 29 Oct via Zoom). If you are interested in participating, please send a mail to the organizer (buelles(at)

Talk Speaker Date
Divisors Tim Haupt 1 Oct 2021
Intersection theory and the Riemann–Roch theorem Gianni Gagliardo 8 Oct 2021
Blow-ups Fabian Roshardt 15 Oct 2021
Minimal models Yifan Zhao 22 Oct 2021
Ruled and rational surfaces Quentin Roubaty 5 Nov 2021
Castelnuovos's criterion for rationality Ana Pavlaković 12 Nov 2021
Albanese variety and minimal models for surfaces of non-negative Kodaira dimension Jonathan Hauenstein 19 Nov 2021
Surfaces of Kodaira dimension 0 Weisheng Wang 26 Nov 2021
K3 surfaces and Enriques surfaces Hussein Olama 3 Dec 2021
Surfaces of Kodaira dimension 1 Lukas Bertsch 10 Dec 2021
Surfaces of general type Xiaowen Xie 17 Dec 2021