Products and Nonlinearities in Function Space Theory Spring 2017

Laura Keller, Tristan Rivière
Alessandro Pigati
When and where
Thursday, 13:15 - 15:00, HG G 43 (starting from March 2nd)

We will first briefly recall the general Littlewood-Paley theory (LP theory). After this review, we shall study applications of this theory to important problems relevant to the analysis of Partial Differential Equations which constitutes the main topics of the seminar.
Littlewood-Paley characterizations of commonly used spaces in PDE such as Sobolev, Besov, Hardy, BMO spaces... etc. will be first presented. Then some sessions will be devoted to the use of LP theory to interpolation inequalities. Finally, we will introduce the notion of Paraproducts and its application to the analysis of various products and non-linearity in various function spaces.
The first hours of the seminar will be given by the organizers themselves. The participants will then be asked to take over the rest of the seminar by choosing thematics out of the topics listed above.

Here you can find the (tentative) programme
Alessandro's lecture notes about Hardy spaces can be found here
Moreover, here you can find Laura's slides Introduction to interpolation and the (hand written) notes
The collected notes of all the presentations of the seminar can be found in the following PDF (password protected)