Symmetric Spaces Spring 2023

Alessandra Iozzi
Lisa Ricci


  • Generalities on symmetric spaces: locally and globally symmetric spaces, groups of isometries, examples.
  • Symmetric spaces of non-compact type: flats and rank, roots and root spaces.
  • Iwasawa decomposition, Weyl group, Cartan decomposition.
  • Geometry at infinity.
  • Goal

    Learn the basics of symmetric spaces.

    The lecture will start on Wednesday, 22nd of February 2023 and takes place every week on

  • Wed. 10-12 in HG G 19.1, and
  • Th. 12-14 in HG G 19.1

  • Here there are the Lie groups lecture notes of Prof A. Iozzi (HS 21).

    Exercise classes

    Exercise sessions take place on Thursdays every second week in HG G 19.1 from 12-14. The first exercise session will be on Thursday the 2nd of March.

  • Thursday 30.03.2023: Lecture
  • Thursday 6.04.2023: Exercise class
  • Thursday 20.04.2023: Exercise class