Algebraic Geometry Spring 2018

Prof. Emmanuel Kowalski
Tue 15-17, HG F 26.3
Fri 08-10, HG F 26.3
Paul Steinmann
Exercise classes
Mo 12-13, HG F 26.3

This course is an introduction to Algebraic Geometry (algebraic varieties and schemes). It is required to have a basic knowledge of Commutative Algebra.

Short Outline

  1. Classical Varieties
  2. Basic Theory of Schemes
  3. Curves

We prepare an exercise sheet every two weeks. The new exercises will be posted here every other Friday. We expect you to look at the problems and to prepare questions for the exercise class one week after.

Please hand in your solutions in the exercise class or in your assistant's box in HG J68 two weeks after receiving the exercise sheet. Your solutions will usually be corrected and returned in the following exercise class or, if not collected, returned to the box in HG J68.

exercise sheet due by solutions
Exercise sheet 1 March 19 Solutions 1
Exercise sheet 2 March 29 (Because of easter!) Solutions 2
Exercise sheet 3 April 23 Solutions 3
Exercise sheet 4 May 7 Solutions 4
Exercise sheet 5 May 28 Solutions 5
Exercise sheet 6 -

The first exercise class will be in the second week of the semester, monday 26th of February.

Mo 12-13HG F 26.3Dante BonolisEnglish
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