Percolation Theory Autumn 2020

Vincent Tassion
Laurin Köhler-Schindler


Percolation theory has many applications and is one of the most famous model to describe phase transition phenomena in physics. One reason for this success is the variety of mathematical tools, which allows for a precise and rigorous description of the models. The objective of this course is to gain familiarity with the methods of the percolation theory and to learn some of its important results.

Outline of the course:


From November 2, the lectures take place via zoom each Tuesday at 10.15am. The link was sent on November 2 by email. If you are a registered student and you need the link to be sent again, you can contact the coordinator of the class.

Three exercise classes are scheduled for October 13, November 10, and December 15 (replacing the regular lecture).

The forum can be accessed here. You are welcome to ask questions related to the content of the lectures as well as the exercises.

Lecture Notes

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Exercise sheets

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