Introduction to Hofer's Geometry Spring 2023

Jean-Philipppe Chassé
Time and place
Wednesdays 14.0016.00, ML 37.1
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Date Title Speaker Notes
22.02.2023 From classical mechanics to Hofer's geometry Jean-Philippe Chassé Notes
08.03.2023 Some linear algebra Julian Dominik Bürge Notes
15.03.2023 Symplectic manifolds Xiaowen Xie Notes
22.03.2023 Hofer's metric Vinzenz Neuner Notes
29.03.2023 Lagrangian submanifolds Federica Barbada Casanova Notes
05.04.2023 Pseudoholomorphic curves Antonio Casetta Notes
19.04.2023 Linearization of Hofer's geometry and some applications Lukas Gerhard Hoffer Notes
26.04.2023 Diameter of the group of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms Han-Miru Kim Notes
03.05.2023 One-parameter subgroups Léon Burkhardt Notes
10.05.2023 Symplectic fibrations Marius Bühler Notes
17.05.2023 Deformations of symplectic forms Andrea Piccirilli Notes


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