Riemann Surfaces and Hurwitz Theory Spring 2019

Honglu Fan


Familiarity with complex analysis should be sufficient. Knowledge of differentiable manifold will be a plus. But most of what we are dealing with are 2-dimensional orientable manifolds. Comparing to the whole manifold theory, they are not as abstract since they can be visualized most of the time.

Some logistics

Office hour: Wednesday 10-11:15am (other hours possible by appointment)

Office hour room: So far in my office HG G68.2. Finding my office is not completely trivial. It's in the middle of G and J floors. I might find a better meeting spot if there is the demand.

Exam: 20min oral.

Lecture notes

Basically, all exercises from the textbook is recommended. It's at the right level. However, I might pick some interesting exercises and update this part of the webpage later. Perhaps even give some hints or solutions.