Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Özlem Imamoglu

Coordinator: Dr. Danylo Radchenko

Room: HG D 1.1

Time: Tue, 9.15 - 10.00 and Thu, 10.15 - 11.55

The first class will take place on Thursday September 19.


... and more, if time permits.


Students should be familiar with Algebra as taught in the mandatory second-year course at ETH Zurich (particularly, Galois-theory).


Tutor: Alessandro Lägeler

Exercise classes will take place on Mondays in ML J 34.3 at 15.15-16.00 and on Tuesdays in HG G 26.1 at 14.15-15.00. The new exercises will be available every Friday.

You may hand in your solutions either in class or in the assistant's box at HG J 68.


Some suggestions for literature may be found here.

More advanced texts