Probability and Statistics Spring 2023

Prof. Dr. Fadoua Balabdaoui
Daria Sakhanda
Tue 08:15-10:00 HG G 5
Thu 08:15-10:00 HG G 5
Exercise Classes
Tue 12:15-14:00 HG E 33.5
        14:15-16:00 HG E 33.5
        14:15-16:00 LFW E 13
        14:15-16:00 CHN D 46
Course Catalogue

Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the basic ideas and concepts from probability theory and mathematical statistics. In addition to a mathematically rigorous treatment, also an intuitive understanding and familiarity with the ideas behind the definitions are emphasized. Measure theory is not used systematically, but it should become clear why and where measure theory is needed.

Note that the lectures are based on the following scripts:


The first exercise class is on February 28, in the second week of the semester.

Tuesday, 12.15-14.00HG E 33.5Flavio Dalessi
Tuesday, 14.15-16.00HG E 33.5Daria Sakhanda
Tuesday, 14.15-16.00LFW E 13Vezin Lomàn Loïc
Tuesday, 14.15-16.00CHN D 46 Jakob Heiss

New exercise sheets are uploaded below every Friday before the corresponding Tuesday exercise class, along with solution to the exercise sheet from the previous week.

You are welcome to hand in your solutions, even though it is not obligatory. In case you decide to submit your solutions, this can be done electronically. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Scan your solution into a single PDF file.
  2. Name the created file as {Last name_First name}_{exercise sheet number}.pdf
  3. Upload your solution here before 12:00 on the indicated Friday. Information about the SAM upload tool and its use can be found here.

Late submissions will not be considered. In case you submit your solution early and then decide to change something and submit again, we will only consider the most recent submission.

Please note that you has to be enrolled in an exercise group in mystudies in order to be able to submit your solution.

Exercise sheet Due by Upload link Solutions
Exercise sheet 1 March 3rd Submission Solution 1
Exercise sheet 2 March 10th Submission Solution 2
Exercise sheet 3 March 17th Submission Solution 3
Exercise sheet 4 March 24th Submission Solution 4
Exercise sheet 5 April 7th Submission Solution 5
Exercise sheet 6 April 7th Submission Solution 6
Exercise sheet 7 April 21st Submission Solution 7
Exercise sheet 8 May 5th Submission Solution 8
Exercise sheet 9 May 5th Submission Solution 9
Exercise sheet 10 May 12th Submission Solution 10
Exercise sheet 11 May 19th Submission Solution 11
Exercise sheet 12 May 26th Submission Solution 12