Algebraic Topology II Spring 2023

Sara Kalisnik Hintz email
Younghan Bae email

Lecture room

Wednesday 10:15~12:00 ML E 12
Friday 14:15~16:00 HG G 3
Office hours: Monday 17:15~18:00 LEE C114


This is a continuation course to Algebraic Topology I. The course will cover more advanced topics in algebraic topology including: cohomology of spaces, operations in homology and cohomology, duality. See also Paul Brian's previous course

Exam information and preparation

We will have oral exam between 11.08.2023 and 19.08.2023. We will post will post a document with sample questions in late June.


General topology, linear algebra, singular homology of topological spaces (e.g. as taught in Algebraic topology I). Some knowledge of differential geometry and differential topology is useful but not absolutely necessary.

Background material

For previous course on algebraic topology I, see AT1.

Lecture Contents

We will post lecture notes after every lectures on Wednesday and Friday.


Exercise sheets will be posted here. For the week after the exercise sheet is posted, we will discuss the solutions during the office hours. If possible, please ask questions in advance, via email. Solutions to the exercises will also appear in the weeks after the exercises are posted.

exercise sheet solutions
Exercise on tensor products Solution
Exercise sheet 1 Solution, Note
Exercise sheet 2 Solution
Exercise sheet 3 Solution
Exercise sheet 4 Solution

Office hours

We have office hours every two weeks starting from March 6th. Dates: 06.03, 20.03, 03.04, 17.04, 15.05, 29.05.
Monday 17-18LEE C114Younghan BaeEnglish