Algebraic Geometry Spring 2022

Maria Yakerson
Younghan Bae


This course is an Introduction to Algebraic Geometry. The course will mostly cover algebraic varieties (over algebraically closed fields), with some scheme theory towards the end of the course. It is required to have a basic knowledge of Commutative Algebra.


Algebra, Commutative Algebra courses.

Lecture Summaries

Lecture notes will be uploaded every week.


The new exercises will be posted here on Wednesdays. We expect you to try to solve the problems and prepare questions for the exercise class on Tuesday.

exercise sheet due by Notes
Exercise sheet 1 March 1
Exercise sheet 2 March 8 Note 2
Exercise sheet 3 March 15 Note 3
Exercise sheet 4 March 22 Note 4
Exercise sheet 5 March 22 Note 5
Exercise sheet 6 March 29 Note 6
Exercise sheet 7 April 06 Note 7
Exercise sheet 8 April 20 Note 8
Exercise sheet 9 April 27 Note 9
Exercise sheet 10 May 04 Note 10
Exercise sheet 11 May 11 Note 11
Exercise sheet 12 May 18 Note 12
Exercise sheet 13 May 18 Note 13

Jeremy Feusi kindly agree to share his solutions.

Exercise classes

Tu 12-13HG D 1.1Younghan BaeEnglish


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